Birth Certificate Replacement Oklahoma

In case you misplaced or damaged your birth certificate and you were born in Oklahoma then you can easily get a replacement by submitting an application to the Oklahoma Department of Health Vital Records Service. You may go over to the offices or send a mail. When the application is made by mail then you will wait for about 4 weeks before getting the replacement unless you expedite your application ensuring you get it much faster. The fastest way of getting your Birth Certificate Replaced in Oklahoma is by applying personally. Using this method you will get your birth certificate that same day. In case you would like to enquire about this service you can make a call to the Vital Records Service using the number (405) 271-4040.
Requirements needed when applying for a Birth Certificate Replacement in Oklahoma

  • When going to apply for your birth certificate you need to have;
  • Your primary ID
  • If you lack a primary ID then you need 2 other forms of secondary identification like W-2 forms, utility bills or paycheck stubs.
  • The fee for processing your new birth certificate which is normally $5 or more, this fee is non refundable.

Applying for the Birth Certificate Replacement in Oklahoma in person
The birth certificate is normally issued to the individual concerned, the parents, spouses and some other family members. Other people will need legal authorization to obtain a certified copy. This process usually takes just about an hour before you are issued with your birth certificate.
When applying in person you will either have to do so in the following main locations whose addresses are:

  • The Vital Records Service, Room 117, Oklahoma State Department Of Health, 1000 Northeast 10th Oklahoma City
  • Vital Records Service, Tulsa Office, 108 N. Greenwood Street, Tulsa

You will have to provide the following information in the application form given at the office

  • The full name.
  • The date and the place of birth.
  • Parents names.
  • The Relationship to the person whose birth certificate is being requested and the main purpose of needing the copy.
  • Your telephone number and area code.
  • A handwritten signature and mailing address.
  • A copy of your photo ID

Applying for the Birth Certificate Replacement in Oklahoma via mail
Application by mail is also simple but takes much longer. You will mail a completed application form together with all the required copies of identification documents and a check or money order written out to the “Vital Records Service.”   All this documents should be emailed to ether
Vital Records Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 Northeast 10th
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
(405) 271-4040


Vital Records Service, Tulsa Office
108 N. Greenwood Street
Tulsa, OK 74120

When you use this method you will get your birth certificate after 4 weeks but if you would like it to be much faster then you have to expedite your application in order to get it within a period of 48 to 72 hours. Expedition is only offered by the US Postal Service Express Mail.

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