Birth Certificates – Two Separate Types That Might Be Available

Your birth certificate is the main method of showing who you are and are a must when you try to get a drivers’ license or a passport. Your birth certificate is also referred to as a vital record. A vital record shows your detailed, personal information. This information can include, your given name when you were born, your date and time of birth, your gender, the hospital, city and state of where you were born, your parent’s names and occupations, your weight and length when you were born, the date your birth registration was filed, the name of the officiant that registered the birth, and your birth registration number.

This document, in itself, is not enough to prove your identity, but it is the method taken to prove it. It is usually required by your state of residence to apply for a drivers’ license or an picture identification card. There are two separate types of birth certificates available within the United States. These are a long form and a short form birth certificate.

I have listed the differentiations of these birth certificates below.

–Long Form Birth Certificate: This type of birth certificate is an exact replica of your original birthing records and will have information such as; parental details, including race, address, and other vital statistics. It is also possible for this type of birth certificate to include the actual doctor’s surgeon who performed the delivery.

**Long Form Birth Certificates are virtually a thing of the past as most states now utilize an Electronic Birth Registration System. This eliminates the need for the hard copies of long form birthing certificates. Keep in mind that some states are still using these forms and even states that have gone “paperless” may still use this method of birth certificates.

–Short Form Birth Certificate: This type of birth certificate is also referred to as a computer certification and are a shorter version of the long form birth certificate. These are usually easier to get hold of. The reason for this is that while a long form birth certificate is an exact replica of the origianl certificate, a short form birth certificate is proof of the original certificate’s existence.

**Short form birth certificates can also be available in a wallet size, which has the basic info needed to you. There is also a commemorative certificate which is usually handed out as keepsakes from the hospital. Keep in mind that the commemorative certificate is not enough proof of who you are.

If you require a birth certificate replacement for either yourself or your child, you should look up the exact detailed rules and regulations that are in effect in the state where the birth occurred. There are a lot of companies out there that specialize in birth certificate replacement for a fee. Keep in mind that there are still rules and regulations that must be followed.

If you are trying to do a genealogical project for your family, many states will let anyone get the birth certificates of those who have been dead for at least 75 years.

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