How to get a California Replacement Birth Certificate?

Posted October 23rd, 2009 in Birth Record by admin

birthPrior to July during the year 1905, you should keep in mind that the California birth certificates are kept in the county where the event took place. Since that time, all records are kept in the State Registrar’s office. Contacting your State Registrar’s office will let you know where you need to contact the county clerk to obtain a California replacement birth certificate or at the State Registrar’s office itself.

For identification purposes, birth certificates are very important. A person that is born in the United States is issued a one after a few weeks of birth. This particular certificate is very helpful in acquiring a driver’s license, getting a job, and several other things that may require identification to prove your legitimacy. This certificate can become lost or damaged while in your care or someone else’s. If you need to obtain a California replacement birth certificate, there are few things that you must first know.

California and all other states allow access to birth certificates as well as, other vital records such as marriage records, death records, and divorce. The process for each state does vary when it comes to trying to obtain a copy of your birth certificate. Chances are, you will want records that come after 1905 if you are looking for a certified copy of your certificate or, that of an immediate family member.

If this is your case, you would generally contact the Vital Records Office in Sacramento, California. You can obtain your copy by writing them however; you may want to check to see if there are any fees involved before you do. Once you have all the pertinent information you need, you can then get a California replacement birth certificate. There will be several methods of payment that you can use; you can make a check payable to your local Vital Records office.

I’m a resident of California, how can I get a copy of my birth certificate?

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