Replacement Birth Certificate Arizona

There may be one of many reasons that you need to replace your original birth
certificate if you were born in the state of Arizona. The fact is if you need to get your
Arizona birth certificate replaced, there are various ways to go about getting which
include expedited service online, submitting your request in person to the county in
which you were born or to the State Office in Phoenix, and ordering via mail service.

Be sure to have the proper documentation when applying. Keep in mind that Arizona
is a “closed record” state which means that vital records are not public like many other
states. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age or older. Otherwise you will need
a parent. You will also need to make sure that you are getting an official copy of your
birth certificate, which includes the raised, embossed state seal.

Go In to Get Your Arizona Birth Certificate Replacement

Same day service is available of birth certificates for births from 1990 to present should
you choice to visit the office in person. Birth certificates requested prior to this date will
be mailed. Visit the Arizona Department of Health Services in the county in which the
birth occurred as well or visit the office in Phoenix at 1818 W. Adams Street in Phenix,
Arizona. Make sure you bring valid government issued identification or a notarized
signature on the application.

If you do request a replacement birth certificate, you must be the authorized registrant
or the person whose name appears on the birth certificate, a parent or guardian, a
legal representative such as a district attorney or law enforcement agent acting in the
line of duty, or an adoption agency verifying live birth. The fee for obtaining your birth
certificate varies by county but start around $10.00.

Order an Arizona Birth Certificate Replacement Online

Arizona’s Department of Health Services, Office of Vital Records doesn’t accept online
orders as many other states. Request are accepted online and processed through
a partnership with an independent company, VitalChek Network, Inc. Request will
be process 24 hours after they are received. In addition to the cost of the certificate,
VitalChek also charges a fee for this service. Expedited service fee is $8.00 and $18.50
UPS delivery fee within the 48 continental states. Fees increase if you are ordering
from outside of the United States of America. And you will have to provide additional
supporting documents that prove your identity to get your replacement birth certificate.

You can also use the Arizona Department of Health Services website
www.azdhs.gov or you can visit VitalcChek directly at www.vitalchek.com to order.

Request Arizona Birth Certificate by Mail

There is always the option of ordering your Arizona birth certificate via USPS. Complete
the forms located on the www.azdhs.gov website and include a copy of your valid photo
identification card. Also, you must be the named person on the birth certificate or you
must submit proof of eligibility to request the certificate. You may pay by cashier’s

check, money order, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). If you are paying by credit card
you must include your full name, card number and expiration date on your application.
Send requests for mail certified copies of your

Arizona Department of Health Services,
Office of Vital Records
P.O. Box 3887,
Phoenix, AZ

Average processing time for mail submissions are between 15 to 20 days

To get advice on how you can get your replacement birth certificate in three days or less

Visit – Birth Certificate Replacement

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