Replacement Birth Certificate Connecticut

Obtaining a Birth Certificate is very important for legal documentation, identification and other legal purposes. In the United States of America, a birth certificate is a very important identification document which is required upon application of passports, social security and during employment. You must always keep a record of a certified true copy or an original copy of your birth certificate. If your birth certificate was lost, destroyed or stolen, then you need to immediately get a replacement birth certificate. If you were born in Connecticut, the information below will help you obtain the replacement copy of your birth certificate in no time.

Getting An Application Form

All records are handled by the state’s Department of Vital Statistics. Take note, you have to obtain the replacement birth certificate from the state where your birth certificate was first issued. You must call the correct government agency to get advice or to confirm the instructions before filling out and sending in the application forms to avoid any errors. Errors can cause some delays in the process.

Step 1:

The application forms needed to obtain a birth certificate replacement are found the State Records Office. Follow the instructions on the forms accordingly.

Step 2:

Together with the forms, send a copy of any recognized government issued identification such as:

●     driver’s license

●     passport

●     state identification card

●     Social Security card

If you are requesting to get a birth certificate replacement for a minor or in behalf of a mentally and physically disabled person, you must submit any two of the required documents:

●     Social security card

●     Automobile registration

●     Any form of verified    identification from an employer

●     Voter registration card

●     Utility bills or checking account passbook

Together with this, you must pass a copy of your own birth certificate since you will be submitting on behalf of an immediate family member who is unable to do the process of getting a birth certificate replacement on their own. The copy of your birth certificate will serve as a proof that you are related to the applicant or individual who is in question.

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Processing Fees

When you apply for a birth certificate replacement, there is a required processing fee. The fee may change from time to time and the fee also varies from one state to another. Usually, fees would range around $10 to $20. And take note, do not ever send in cash. The forms of payment that are acceptable would be through money order or check.

Sending In The Application

Prior sending in the application, make sure to double check if all the forms and requirements are complete and error-free. Once done, you may send in all the supplemental documents that are vital together with the main application form. Send the forms to the address listed below:

CT Department of Public Health
State Office of Vital Records
410 Capitol Ave. MS#11VRS
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Sending the forms may take some time to be processed. Processing turnaround time would be about 4 to 6 weeks. After which, the certified true copy of your birth certificate will come in by mail.

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