Replacement Birth Certificate Delaware

Your Delaware Birth Certificate is a very important document that one must have in hand. This document is one of the main requirements to get a passport and any government issued identification cards. If you have misplaced the original birth certificate, you may get a certified copy from the state where it was first issued. If that state is Delaware, you may follow the guidelines below so you can quickly and easily get a Delaware replacement birth certificate. You may choose one of two convenient methods on how to get a copy of your birth record.



First Method: Pick Up In Person

You may head down to the local records office if you would like to pick up a copy of your birth certificate in person. All you need to do is fill out the request or application forms accordingly, pay the fees and wait for your birth certificate. This is the easiest process of how to get a replacement birth certificate. The Delaware Vital Statistics Office has all the record of birth certificates dated from 1913 up to present. Take note, bring with you a pen and any identification proof such as driver’s license, Social Security card, voter’s ID and employment ID with a picture.

Second Replacement Method – Order Online

If you would like avoid the hassle of lining up at the local records office, you may opt to request a replacement of your birth certificate online. You may go to the website of Delaware Vital Statistics and make a request. Together with your request include your full name, full name of your father, full maiden name of your mother, your date of birth and the reason for the request. You need as well to include your address, so they can mail you the replacement birth certificate. You need as well to attached or submit a copy of your driver’s license or other government issued card that comes with a picture.




Before sending out any fees, you need to first verify the exact fee amount by calling the Delaware Vital Statistics Office. Fees may change at any time. Fees and address change frequently, so it is very important to confirm it through the office to make sure that request will be processed. The usual fee is around $10 to $25 per copy of the birth certificate. You may send the payment through money order or check. It has to be made payable to Office of Vital Statistics. For Online request, do not send in cash. Make sure to send them directly to the Delaware Vital Statistics Office. The address is listed below:

Office of Vital Statistics
Jesse S. Cooper Bldg
417 Federal St.
Dover, Delaware 19901
Phone: (302) 744-4549

Once done, wait for your request to be processed. You will then be receiving the replacement of your original birth certificate in no time.

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