Replacement Birth Certificate Maine

To get a certified true copy of one’s birth certificate, one may call the Maine Office of Vital Records. A birth certificate is a very important document. One must always keep a copy of their birth certificates at home. If you do not have any copy on hand, then getting a replacement birth certificate is the best option. There are two convenient ways on how to get a Maine replacement birth certificate.

You may request a certified true copy by going to the Maine Office of Vital Records or by ordering online with the Vital Check Network. Below are the things you need to prepare to fasten the release of your replacement birth certificate.

Apply In Person For Maine Birth Certificate

For birth certificate applicants, the Maine Office of Vital Records has all birth certificate records of people born from 1923 up to present. The Maine Office of Vital Records is open from 8am to 5 pm. One can just proceed directly to the Office of Vital Records located at 244 Water Street of Augusta, Maine. But for those who were born from 1892 to 1922, birth certificate records can be found at Maine State Archives located at the State House Complex of Augusta, Maine.

You must bring along with you a pen to fill out the application form completely.

Maine Vital Records
244 Water Street
Augusta, ME 04330, USA

You must as well present photo identification as a proof. The application fee for the certified true copy of one’s birth certificate is $15. For each additional copy, you have to pay $6. You can also pay in cash or in check. Checks or money order must be made payable to Treasurer-State of Maine.

Apply Online For Birth Certificates In Maine

For online applicants, you can log on to the Vital Check Network’s website (www.vitalcheck.com). You can also try to call the Vital Check Network to verify if there are any changes on the requirements and fees. Their toll free number is 1-877-523-2659 and they are open 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. If you wish to apply online, you may opt to use a credit card for the fees. You just need to enter your card number online for verification. The Vital Check Network accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network and American Express credit cards. This company is the official partner of the government in issuing vital records. They will ensure that requests will be handled securely with accuracy. You can actually get the certified copy of your birth certificate in less than three working days. In fact, they offer a next day service with a higher rate.



It is very easy to order online. You can actually order copies as well for your immediate family members who were born in Maine. You can place your order in just less than ten minutes. As a tip, make sure to give out the right information to avoid any errors. Errors may cause a delay in searching for your record. Double check the address provided, to make sure that you will be able to receive the certified true copy of your birth certificate in no time.

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