Replacement Birth Certificates – Details Needed To Acquire Your Official Copy

The United States Census Bureau has reported that they get requests on a regular basis for replacement birth certificates from U.S. citizens who are not aware that they can obtain their birth records right in their own state of residence or possibly their own city.

It is important to mention that there is not a federal central docking station for all these birth certificates located within the U.S. Instead of this type of organization, it is set up for each state within the U.S. Government to maintain their own set of birth records and is usually located at the State Health Department or The Vital Statistics Bureau, which is usually associated with the Health Department.

As I mentioned, sometimes you can obtain this information from your own city, however, it is not required that they maintain all of these records. If you are aged 75 or older, you will probably find out that this is the only place you can obtain your records. This is due to the state’s rules on only keeping files that are from the early 1900’s and on. This can be a win-lose situation for those older individuals that live within a rural area. Many times local copies of records have been ruined due to floods, fires, and other types of natural disasters. Some have found that the only place to locate their information due to this reason is in their own family bible. Keep in mind that these types of family records have been accepted due to the loss of your official documents due to these types of disasters.

Many individuals are under the assumption that replacement birth certificates can be gotten from the hospital where they were born. This is not true. Granted, hospital records will usually include your birth records but hospitals are not allowed to issue replacements to you. There is no exception here.

The issuing of a replacement birth certificate must be done by the state record department that maintains these birthing records for the state you were born in. It is important to speak with your state record department about what to do in the above situations where your records may have been destroyed or you are of an older age and they are not required to hold your records.

In order for you to obtain a replacement birth certificate, there are some things you must have. Below are the main things you will be asked to submit.

1. Your Complete Birth Name.
2. Your Date of Birth.
3. Place You Were Born
4. Your Parent’s First and Last Names. (usually including your Mother’s maiden name.)
5. You will need to state that the replacement record is for you as you cannot request a replacement of someone else’s records.

The only individuals that can legally acquire your birth certificate are:

–Your Spouse.
–Your Parents.
–Your Grandparents.
–Your Brothers or Sisters.
–Your Legal Guardian.

Keep in mind that official replacement birth certificate records could require you to give more information, but usually a note detailing what you need with the above information will suffice. You will also need to find out what the replacement fee is so that you can enclose it with your letter. Without the fee, you will not get your replacement birth certificate.

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